Newsletter 17 May 2021

Beloved in Christ

May the Joy of the living Christ be with you! One cannot but be joy-filled as the weather is allowing the lightness and brightness of early summer to dazzle us! It is also a joy to see how people are being together and share public space.

Do join us on Zoom (three times this week!) and perhaps at the Pentecost service/s on Sunday. On Sunday evening there is an ecumenical service at Tayport Church of Scotland at 6pm.  There is much to enjoy and share!


Tuesday evening link is as follows

So some background reading would be the end of Luke 24 and Acts 1.

Wednesday at 8pm:

Thursday, 20th May at  7:OOpm: Climate change

‘How can the SDEC deliver on its pledge to be net carbon zero by 2030?’

The Speaker is Professor A. Werrity FRSE, FRSGS, FBSG. Alan is an Emeritus Professor of Physical Geography who convenes the Eco-congregation Group at Saint Andrews and is also a member of the diocesan Climate Group.

All very stimulating isn’t it!

Look forward to meeting in person as well and enjoying a cuppa tea or coffee after the services

Revd Kathy Barrable 0752 503 859

Newsletter 2 May 2021

Beloved in Christ. Trust you have had  a good week: I hear most of us have had a second jab, and so our spirits are high as we await the weather to reflect some higher tempreratures now that May is here, bringing its ‘darling buds’.
A quick note to give you some links,  and our support of the Diocesan initiative on climate change.

1. For ease, here are the links again

Tuesday evening at 7pm:bible.

 Wednesday evening at 8pm 

If you are able, join Margaret Gray for a meditation session/ non-communion service on Wednesdays at 10.30am at St Margaret’s

2. CLIMATE CHANGE The attachment  is taken from the Ad Clerum, for your information and we have returned the questionnaire to show our willingness to be aware of the critical nature of climate change. : ‘At General Synod 2020 a resolution on climate change was approved which has set us on a course to have net zero emissions by 2030.This is a big task but one that can be achieved if it is taken in small steps to reach the target.To begin our journey on this road a Climate Group has been created to set the route and to assist us all to take those first steps.  This group will report to Bishop Ian and the Standing Committee’.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow and, if you would like, to sharing a cup of coffee together afterwards!

God bless you


Newsletter 25 April 2021

Readings: 25 April Acts 4: 5-12; Psalm 23; 1 John 3; 16-24; John 10: 11-18                                                          2 May: Acts 8: 26-40; psalm 22: 24-30; 1 John 4: 7-21; John 15: 1-8

Alleluia Alleluia Christ is risen

He is risen indeed replies this spectacular earth, growing apace, budding and blossoming. We live in a beautiful part of the world, and we cherish it as we walk in it and plant and now: socialise in it in our own gardens!

Little did we think we would experience lockdown or the fear of a global pandemic.  Little did we know of the dramatic initiatives discussed now at the World Summit on climate change.  Little did we think we would pay attention to an eighteen year old activist, Greta Thunberg, or a 94 year old David Attenborough.

Perhaps we should look a little more quizzically at our complacency, and see if we are willing to start making changes in our own lives, in our home consumption, transport and industry.  Our Diocese is starting, in its way, by asking us to consider how we as church buildings could start making changes and adjustments. I am looking at any ways I which I can modify my own home, lifestyle outlook and habits. Around that I sighted as you probably did, an Orbiter, to generate electricity from wave action, made in Dundee, to move to its destination the Orkney Isles, where it will generate enough energy to use in 140000 homes! Good on us and blessings on them!

Church has been granted dispensation to extend their numbers in services.  It might not apply to us with our smaller congregations, but it will make a difference to our Episcopal and ecumenical friends, thinking of Newport Catholic church and other smaller venues.  However the best news is that, AS FROM NEXT WEEK WE WILL BE HAVING COFFEE AFTER SERVICES! As a celebration, do bring some eats, so we can munch and chat!

By the way, MANNA COFFEE SHOP reopens on Tuesday so let us make time to share!

  • TUESDAY ECUMENICAL ZOOM at 7pm continues to be a great point of exchange, learning and friendship. Do join us! We are studying topical themes and their texts in the bible.  Meeting ID: 856 0101 9298.  Should you have missed last Tuesday’s meeting, hereis the link:
    Church at Home: Witness | BibleProject™ so do look at it yourselves in your own time.
  • WEDNESDAY ZOOM at 8pm continues.  We hope that those of you who haven’t been able to attend will re-join us.

WEDNESDAY MEDITATION SERVICE at 10.30am continues weekly in Tayport at St Margaret’s

SUNDAY THEMES. This week and next week we are looking at three of the I AM sayings of Jesus.  I am the Good Shepherd and I am the Gate on the 26th reveals the nature of Christ, the Christ who was there in the beginning, and spoken of in Exodus to Moses.  Now resurrected, this Christ is universal, timeless, and there to co-create with every part of our lives, whole and shining or broken and dull. Should you wish to have a copy of the sermon’s highlights please just ask!

BIRTHDAYS!  ALL BLESSINGS TO THE APRIL BABIES!  Margaret Gray 6 April;  Beartrice Burns 20th April, and Judith for the 27th.

And, thank you for mye beautiful birthday card, St Margarets! Christian Happy Birthday printable card | Christian Resource Ministry | Christian  birthday cards, Happy birthday printable, Christian cards

If you’re not on the birthday list, please give us your birthday date.

Thank you for sharing your appreciation of this newsletter, especially those of you who cannot attend worship on Sundays and receive printed copies.  I will continue with them, on a bi-weekly basis. It is the place for you to share YOUR news as well, so please do send me your thoughts to share.

I have enjoyed meeting several of you over the last weeks, and apart from the sheer pleasure of your hospitality, gardens, walks and friendliness, I believe we are growing a people of power and prayer in our togetherness.

God bless you in every way.  Alleluia, Alleluia. Go in peace to serve the Lord

Kathy Barrable

07554 508359

Easter 2 2021

Beloved in Christ

We are surely blessed to be able to worship together and respond to one another and keep each other ‘top of mind: to enjoy our beautiful churches full of flowers and sunshine. Our churches are open and filling up. Some new folks are joining us, and have been part of worship when their own churches have not yet re-opened.

Easter this year was particularly special, and the warmth of the congregations  and engagement in scriptures has made it so, thank you!

Perhaps it is partly the weather: sunshine dispelling the cold; stillness replacing noise. We are feeling as if Lockdown is passing and whilst so very aware of its consequences, each day is allowing us a little more space and freedom.

I will continue to send out e-newsletters when the need arises.  However, should you wish to receive them more regularly, or a copy of a sermon, or prayers, more regularly, let me know.

Our Zoom meetings start again this week – tonight being the first.  It would be lovely to have more of you with us.

  Tuesday Zoom at 7pm ‘Join the Conversation’ through Lent was a wonderful time shared ecumenically.  The group wished to continue and we will start again this evening. The link is  Meeting ID: 856 0101 9298

  Wednesday evening Zoom meeting at 8pm: the link is the same as we have used, but, to save you scrolling way back….

For your interest, here is the announcement of the appointment of the Revd Canon Elizabeth Thomson as Provost in DundeeCatherdral:
God bless you in all you do

Kathy Barrable07550 503859