Pentecost 21 October 25th 2020

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I trust the week has been good and full of your gratitude for all God gives us!

For me, it has been one fill of tedious administration and consideration, but perhaps that’s what God needed to get order and understanding into my life and its affairs. In the pockets of sunshine, rain and mistiness, I have enjoyed the bright shiny browns and yellows underfoot, and the emerging shapes of glorious dark tree trunks and branches stretching up to heaven. I guess a number of you have had ‘flu jabs’ so there is a healthy winter to look forward to.

We continue to meet at the Larick Centre on Thursdays, and Manna on Fridays, at 1pm.  DO continue to join us there at your own table, with family, or a friend, keeping to the 2 households per table only. I appreciate that those of you who are shielding will not be joining anyone in a public space! Know that we speak of you and hold you in prayer.

Zoom on Wednesday was stimulating and enjoyable and I believe, extending our spirituality as we share views.  We looked at ‘Praying with Images’ which ex-nun Meinrad Craighead used in her paintings of animals and their God-given spirits. DO look her up on youtube if you would like to.

Bishop Ian will visit both our churches on Sunday 6 December, and we are really quite excited to host him in our lovely church settings

Both churches have their monthly newsletters out so you can plan your November calendar.

Have you had a look at the church website yet? Please let us have your feedback as to ways of improving it, or tell us what you like about it!

In two week’s time is Remembrance Sunday, and if you would like to add loved ones’ years’ mind, the lists are in church on Sunday, or let us have them by e-mail please.

Being the last Sunday of the month, the monthly newsletter will be in church, for collection!

Readings for this Sunday are

Leviticus 19: 1-2, 15-18

Psalm 1

1 Thessalonians2: 18

Matthew 22: 34 – 46

I will use the analogy of the three legs of the ‘pot’ or cauldron on which our faith rests: Scripture, Reason and Tradition.  We have was long history of development in the Episcopal church, as well as many which should be re-visited and questioned. What makes us so distinctive as ‘Piscies’? What distinguishes us from other faith walks and what personal adjustments should we make. I added a fourth leg: EXPERIENCE.  Are we a people of prayer and deepest joy and contentment?  Do we really know and trust that God IS in charge of our lives and wants us to be the best we possibly can be? Take courage and rest assured!

The Alpha course will be deferred till mid- January for two reasons: we have a busy and exciting couple of months till Christmas, and secondly, as we need to do more planning and marketing, but if you are ready to say you will join us please let me know now!

Enjoy the extra hour before dawn and earlier dusk! Be cosy and safe and full of cheer!  All is well!

Grace and peace

Kathy Barrable

07552 503 859 

Pentecost 20 October 18th 2020

Greetings dear brothers and sisters in Christ

It is already 20 weeks since Pentecost was celebrated – the Holy Spirit has been working and infusing each of us with great and small matters, not least of which has been ‘getting on’ with lockdown.  We have been masters of adaptability, our conversations have become more significant, and we are changing and no doubt being equipped to deal with what is to come!

One thing is a definite – information technology is to the fore, and most of us are learning new ways of communicating and maintaining contact with each other and with our varied interest groups.  This week my internet connection has been intermittent, and that has caused frustration(hence the earliness of this communication to you).  I long for the days when I can plan a day of certain certainties, yet I think they might never come under my control!

However the past week has allowed us to flesh out our activities till year-end, and include the great festivals and days to come!

I would like to share the November calendar with you, and then the December one in a couple of weeks’ time

November 1    All Saints and All Souls (lists for the faithful departed will be out at church on Sunday)

November 8     Remembrance Sunday (wear your poppies!) (We hope that our ecumenical walk to the monuments will take place but that is in other hands right now)

November 15   St Margaret of Scotland Feast day in Tayport at 9.30. Let us make a joyful gathering together!

November 22   Christ the King. It will be a wondrous time to lok at the risen and ascended ever present Christ!  

November 29   Advent 1. We mark a change in church season and begin the pilgrimage to Bethlehem. 

This week’s readings are Isaiah 45: 1 to 7; Psalm 96: 1-9; 1 Thessalonians1: 1 to 10; Matthew 22: 34 to 46

We continue with the focus of Jesus’ teachings and integrate this with the second part of Deutero-Isaiah, and look at how Thessalonikan Christians are building their church through loving one another. All this is presented to us for our reflection on how we are in today’s context.

This past week has been fun and a few of us have greeted in the Larick Centre coffee shop on Thursday at 1; and at Manna coffee shop on Friday at 1.  We look forward to seeing you and a friend from a second household there next week!  Thank you for letting me know how you are doing and if you are coming for coffee.

Alpha plans and preparations are progressing and more news of that as time goes by.

Let us pray for our sister churches as they connect in Christ.

God bless you in special ways, so that we feel gratitude for all that is happening in and around us.

Grace and peace

Kathy Barrable 

07552 503859

Pentecost 19 October 11th 2020

Beloved in Christ

As this is typed, I have just come out of a 2-hour Zoom meeting with 32 others, entitled, ‘Our Digital church’. It’s one of those times when I sit looking at a massive mountain, comprised of technology available and accessible, to share information and be invitational to the world! I know we have to get to the top, or at least, start the climb. How, is the issue? I am well aware that you are each working very hard for, and loving church, and that moving into the future will require yet more effort and time. Let’s start another leg of the journey by faith and foot!

When last did you look at our church website? Could you, and give us your views as to how useful they are, what you’d suggest could be updated or changed, and what you like most? \in what way could you help us to get it user-friendly and accessible?

Psalm 23, (in this Sunday’s readings) is pertinent: it shows us how to put each foot into the next spot, no matter how tough the terrain.  When I have had to climb a mountain, metaphorically, that is, to move into a new space or place, I take heed of the psalmist’s testimony and direction.  In lyrical terms, David walks us through his own spiritual, physical reflection and journey, and in so doing, invites us to pick up our burden, and follow God. We do not know the final destination, apart from the assurance that it will give us peace and ‘I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever!

Psalm 23 calms the soul. It is beautiful to anticipate a service when the hymns undergird the themes of God’s provision and protection, giving us assurance.   Covid and sustained lockdown is today’s valley of the shadow of death.  The psalmist urges us to put our trust in God, as the need for a journey is upon us, as is the acceptance that we lie by the roadside desiring attention, help, knowing that the good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25 to 37) will notice and care for us, rescue us, and take us to a safe space for healing. We are supported along the way, to return to a season of fresh and new green pastures.


Isaiah 25: 1 – 9; Psalm 23; Philippians 4: 1-9; Matthew 22; 1 -14


All my hope on God is founded


The God of love my shepherd is

Tell out my soul

Immortal, invisible, God only wise

We have been pondering how to make up for our after-Sunday service chat over a cup of coffee, and here is our idea!  It is a cuppa, at a safe venue, at your own table with your friend, during the week, in our home town…….


We can meet at tables within the rule of 6 maximum (no more than 2 households).  Why not bring a friend, not necessarily from church, or even our congregation! We can greet each other, and share space in togetherness!

We plan to do this on a rolling weekly basis!

Thursday afternoon from 1pm at the Larick centre, Tayport


Friday afternoon from 1pm, at Manna Coffee shop, Newport on Tay

I will be there, with a friend, to host you.  No pre-booking is allowed, so let us hope that we can all fit in.  You will pay for whatever you would like to order.

Feel free to email if you will be coming – it will not be taken as a booking, but good to know if you can come!

Really look forward to seeing you there next week!


Scottish interfaith week is from the 8 to 15 November, and we hope to gather our faith communities together, sharing and talking. We are planning an ecumenical Alpha on Zoom course!

Thus far, the Church of Scotland, in Newport, with Minister Dr Amos Chewatong, and in Tayport, MoragAnne Elder-Flett are delighted to bless this and give it full support. There are a few others who have offered to help and support too.

We are praying that each congregation will participate fully.

More details will follow but please pray into this and give us your support as well. We are planning for a weekly Zoom video at 7 to 8 on a Tuesday evening.  If you would like to sip coffee or have your meal during the half-hour video, do relax into that!

We suggest that we start in mid-November, carry through till mid-December and resume mid-January

Lots on the go together!


Kathy Barrable

07552 503859

Pentecost 18 October 4th 2020

Dear brothers and sisters in Chist 

Last week’s Harvest Festival was lovely, and thank you for your kind donations.  Those in need, through various food banks, will be most grateful. It was a wonderful privilege to enter St Margaret’s and St Mary’s and witness the indoor beauty of the changing season in flowers, and appreciate your gifting to the church!

What weather! On one of my sorties this morning, I encountered people actually apologising for the weather, saying, ‘It’s not usually like this….’ However, thanks to my little dog, and my son, and grandchildren, the weather is undampening to my enthusiasm! It is glorious in its own way, with rain noisily pattering on the newly-fallen leaves, brown, and glistening freshly from the goldening, yellowing rustling treetops.

I am sure we would agree that a Christian can never complain about being confined to an increase in indoor cosiness, as there is an invitation to deepen our faith through reading, reflection and personal prayer.  We have been following themes of self-reflection, particularly of our past, re-visiting phases or incidents which might provoke joy, poignancy or maybe helplessness and a sense of loss.  It is cathartic to feel the crucifixion of the unwanted traps in memory, and to arise from their tomb, feeling more free and light and positive.  For Christ comes to set the prisoner free, and make our burden light.

Herewith the video we used last week, on our Wednesday Zoom chat.  You can pick it up and watch the YouTube video, entitled, ‘Coronavirus: God can you hear us?’ by Nicky Gumbel – HTB at home (HTB stands for Holy Trinity, Anglican church, Brompton. London).  It is both interesting and provocative in terms of our prayer life which sometimes becomes stale, or we feel, even irrelevant in tough times.   Nick Gumble and his team have transformed countless people through Alpha courses (videos on Questions on Life, and then allowing time for group discussion.) I know how much congregations enjoy the course, as I have been part of Alpha for many a year.  I am finding that other denominations locally in Tayport and Newport would like the idea of joining an Alpha group together with us in the near future. (It works very well on Zoom, as we can all watch a theme video, then break into a little group, then come together to chat afterwards!  The great thing about it is that you can watch the video on YouTube should you miss a session!)

I do commend those of you who have taken the leap into using online videoing such as Zoom, wassap, Facebook and so on: our children and grandchildren, every business and even shopping is moving that way. If you would like us to help you with getting connected to join us, we can certainly help you.

The readings today are not altogether comfortable, as we are urged to reflect on how we are behaving in our world, often turning to material comforts before the comfort God alone can give us when things are not going well – perhaps at this very moment locked into Covid. There are strong images of wine farming, from the perspective of tenants, owners, workers…. bearers of cultivating a culture from cherished old stock, to bear fruit in a new land. Paul gives a striking testimony on his Christian value system and code of conduct.

Readings for this week are:

Isaiah 5: 1 – 7

Psalm 80: 7 – 14

Philippians3: 4b – 14

Matthew 21: 33 – 46

God bless and look forward to seeing you soon!
Kathy Barrable

07552 503 859