Worship & Spiritual Growth

DSCF1803The Church is open during the day from approximately 9.30 am. to 6 pm during British Summer Time.  In the winter months a key can be obtained from  Manna coffee shop in Cupar Road (closed Mondays) so that you can come and spend time in the church for peace and prayer. The Blessed Sacrament is reserved.

The Church has a votive candle stand – please use it to light a candle for someone with a particular need for prayer, or for a remembrance.  There is also a visitors’ book if you wish to record your visit.

Baptism and Affirmation (Confirmation)

The Sacrament of Baptism is an important occasion for the candidate and their family as well as for the Church. It is for people of all ages, both adults and infants, and is usually administered after preparation and instruction of the candidates (or parents/guardians).

We try to make the occasion meaningful and generally hold it within the context of the Eucharist on Sunday morning. In the Scottish Episcopal Church we hold that Baptism is a complete Sacrament (that is the outward sign of a hidden grace) and it leads to participation in the Eucharist.

Confirmation or, as the Episcopal Church refers to it, Affirmation – is an opportunity for a renewal of faith among the baptised but is not a ‘completion of baptism’ for admission to communion.

Please contact the Rector if you would like to discuss Baptism (or if already Baptised), Affirmation.

First Communion

The Scottish Episcopal Church believes (with many other Anglican Churches) that anyone who has been baptised may receive Communion. In the case of a child who was baptised as an infant some instruction is given to the parents/guardians to pass on to their child who is encouraged to perhaps draw pictures to give some idea of what the Sacrament is all about. A little ceremony is arranged for the child to make the day special for them. Baptism once received is unrepeatable and any rites of renewal must avoid being misconstrued as re-baptism. If you would like to discuss receiving Communion for the first time please contact the Rector.

Ministry with children


Seeds of Hope for Madagascar

Children are a very important part of our church life and we value their presence. When there is no Children’s Church teacher the children are encouraged to draw, colour to use play dough at the back of the church, presenting their efforts at the end of the service. They also help with bringing the bread and wine to the Altar and collecting the money and are encouraged to join their parents for the Eucharistic prayer and to come forward at the time of Communion for a blessing. A Crib Service is held on Christmas Eve when children of any age are invited to come along to celebrate the beginning of Christmas. Details published in News and Events.  It has been good to welcome children from local primary schools who have visited the church as part of their education. We also have a link with the Ranger Guides.                     The safeguarding of children is of paramount importance (as also any vulnerable people whatever their age).   Please see the link to the Scottish Episcopal Church’s website with regard to safeguarding.


Study Groups

Many people feel the need to grow spirituality and joining a discussion group is one way of doing this by sharing thoughts and ideas whilst studying a book or the Bible. At the moment there is a Study Group on alternate Friday afternoons at 2 p.m. During Lent there is usually a weekly evening group and an afternoon one. Details will be given in News and Events.

Roles in the church

There are various opportunities for members of the congregation to become involved in the life of the church, such as reading, intercessions, acting as a server, welcome and hospitality, altar guild and flower arranging. We have an ad hoc choir who gather together to sing for special occasions, which include Christmas Carol Services at the local care homes, and at Harvest Festival. We are happy to welcome new members.

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