Easter 4

Beloved in Christ I’ve just been chatting to some parishioners, and laughingly commented that the first topic of conversation is the weather, and so it should be, as it is changeable and directly affects us!  All in the midst of spring… I’d forgotten how nature’s episodes show off the snowdrops, then daffodils, then bluebells, then buttercups, nettles —– and it’s so with us – God is revealing seasonal changes in us, and we are always taken by surprise by the renewing season of feeling change, and warmth in our spirits.  We are on our way to Pentecost, aren’t we?  I pray that your encounters with the resurrected real Jesus are sustaining you, and maybe giving you new insights. St Augustine said that  we are spiritual beings on an earthly journey.  Let us live into that and be sure that every day we are attending to the spiritual garden God is now giving us time to potter around in!
ZOOM conversations on Wednesday meetings at 8pm are wonderful: last week we looked at how to ‘do’ church when we come out of lockdown: we started to picture ourselves arriving, listening to scripture and exploring God’s new way of being not do-ing in a changed world,  preparing for communion and partaking in it, (not to forget taking collection). Next week we return to a more spiritual, reflective focus and discussion.  We need that spiritual nourishment. We have decided to open our link to anyone you would recommend joining.  Fresh insight is so valuable, and refreshing. 
WEBSITES: Christine and Betty have added to our internet pages – do take a look at stmaryschurchnewportontay.org and stmargarettayport.org. It’s great that we are sharing photos and these newsletters.  It would be marvellous to have some overseas interest in joining Zoom! 
SERVICES I hope you are enjoying the Episcopal video of the Eucharist on Sundays at 11 (or  you can watch them later at your convenience). By the way a lot of people are enjoying the flexibility of worship, during this lockdown. I continue to celebrate the Eucharist, tomorrow at 11 at St Mary’s.  You will see some photos of St Margaret’s last week. I was very moved to look from the altar at the empty church, and longed for you to take up your usual places!  It is a beautiful experience for me, and I am aware of your presence, and pray for each of you. Do join me once again. In the afternoon at 4, I have another dedicated prayer and healing service, and have decided rather to hold that at home, than to transgress the law and go out again in a day. Light your little candle and join me. 
READINGS. Are you enjoying the Eucharist readings – I think we should keep to them throughout our green Easter season.They are 

SUNDAYActs 2: 42-47Psalm 231 Peter 2: 19-25John 10: 1-10
MONDAYActs 11: 1-18Psalm 43John10: 22-30
TUESDAYActs 11: 19-26Psalm 87John 10: 44-50
WEDNESDAYActs 12:24 – 13: 5aPsalm 67John12: 44-50
THURSDAYActs 13: 13-25Psalm 89 1-2, 19-26John 13: 16-20
FRIDAYActs 13: 26-33Psalm 23John 14: 1-7
SATURDAYActs 13: 44-52Psalm 98John 14: 7-14 

FACE MASKS That strange picture shows you how well the little masks I made for you work.  I made several rows of reinforcing stitches so that they are more durable. Do use them when you shop! Please pray for Steve and Dorothy Lemon, who showed some cv symptoms and are in self isolation. ENJOY this time – make it God space

Thoughts and prayers Kathy