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Newsletter 17 January

Beloved in Christ

How are you in these chill, still days? From what I hear, you are faring well and braving this lockdown with equanimity.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ways and lives with me. Let us continue to pray for each other by name.

I have inspiring news to share with you.  After the months of praying and preparing, our Tuesday Zoom ecumenical ‘Join the conversation’ drew 17 people from 6 local congregations:  Tayport United Free church, Church of Scotland, the Catholic church, Newport Church of Scotland as well as our St Margaret’s and St Mary’s.  We each spoke about the best thing that has happened to us in Covid, then watched a brief video of ‘How does God guide us’, broke into small groups and shared, around some question prompts. God is leading us into pastures new, but most important, we are chatting easily about our lives and experience, and enriching each other hugely.  If you would like to join us on Tuesdays from 7-8pm, the link to click on or phone in is:

MoragAnne is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Tuesday evening chats

Time: Jan 12, 2021 07:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting (no password

Meeting ID: 856 0101 9298

Bless you MoragAnne for your supportive and competent input.

Our WEDNESDAY ZOOM meetings, originally called, ‘CONNECT’ resumes this Wednesday at 8 for 45 minutes.  Have your own bible open at Mark, which we will take turns in reading as a continuum for the next few weeks. Betty will be the contact person for connection.  If by any chance you will be a first-timer, she and I can give you a trial run at an agreed-upon time, so that we can start promply at 8. The NEW LINK Betty has kindly made for us each week is

Topic: Mark Gospel

Time: Jan 20, 2021 08:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 744 1713 6721

Passcode: k5jf3y

Thank you Duncan Sage for setting up meetings for us since lockdown: your views and family presence are really a blessing and we hope you can join us again whenever you can! Homeschooling for 4 schoolgoing children and business will be quite a challenge and our thoughts are with you!

Beyond that, conducting first funeral and burial in Scotland, I was deeply moved.  Firstly, by the support and unconditional love of family and friends.  It was a bereft and close-knit circle, and a tribute to a lifetime of dedication to each other.  Each of us create a legacy and it is worth pondering, ‘What is the legacy I live and will leave?’ Funerals are a time for looking back, but also for each of us as witnesses, to look into our own faith and the life-giving way: it guides us along paths of righteousness and rest beside still waters.  We are so privileged that our table is laden with goodness, and that we are protected in all we do, by God.  Psalm 23 is the eternal handbook for us.  In reflecting with my family and friends, I will, and urge you to script your wishes for your funeral: not out of any macabre selfishness, but out of consideration for all, children and grandchildren, and for other friends. Lockdown is the time to clear some of the decks like this one. It is equally life-giving to be supported by our beautiful church communities, and by Andrea from Gibson of Tayport who lovingly guides and hold us in these sad phases of our lives.  Let us continue to give thanksgiving and prayers to surround the Beat family and George.

Zoom and other platforms are changing our lives, and drawing us close and contactable.  I find now that I am asking my overseas and friends in need here if we could speak on video rather than voice.  Itis so different to look at each other, and use our senses as much as we can to read the subtle expressions and nuances. I know the professionals are busy with all day conferences, and – manage very well, even though the distractions of a household swirl around.  My daughter in law was describing how the boys were practising Ninja moves in view of the international colleagues, who were delightedly commenting on her well-behaved children!  My doggie Cocoa frequently barges into our Zoom chats. On Tuesday we have a daylong Clergy Conference, ending with a ‘Join us at the bar Cocktail hour’, with a competition and quiz component (inspired by our Cocoa, I’m sure, there’s a ‘Best Pet’ competition too!) It shows me that we are creative and loving family people, and I am proud to deliberate on major world issues, whilst being bonded and committed to the group to which I belong.  I include the morning prayer snippet I contributed, for you to use at some stage in your devotions.

I hope that you are enjoying the staggering variety of livestreamed services, and would be grateful if you could share any you really enjoy, so that each of us could broaden our horizons, making the presence and action of relevant and life giving in lockdown.

Readings for this Sunday’s ‘virtual’ service are:

Jonah 3:1-5, 10

1 Cor.7:29-31

Psalm 62: 6-14

Mark 1: 14-20

May the calling of the first disciples Simon and Andrew invigorate you to leave yesterday behind and follow Jesus into newness and freedom!

May the spirit of the living God be with you now and this week to come!


07552 503 859

Newsletter Epiphany Jan 10th 2021

e-newsletter 10 January

Beloved in Christ

We celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany on Sunday, although the actual feast day was on Monday 6thJanuary.   I have been thinking of that epic journey through this frosted season, specially whilst trudging through my first northern hemisphere winter.

I have decided to share the great poem read by its poet, T S Eliot, so that you can enjoy his own voice.

T. S. Eliot reads “Journey of the Magi”Check out my Twitter feed at rare recording taken from a live interview T. S. Eliot did for the BBC, broadcast during World …

Now, we too journey to gift the Christ-child with ourselves. As Pope Francis says, may we be attentive, untiring and courageous specially during this extended lockdown: it has been a hard, long and uncomfortable journey, with great expectations, calling us to use our endurance, patience, wisdom and knowledge to get us there.  (Did you know that on the 21 December 2000 Saturn and Jupiter aligned, giving the brightest star seen for 800 years, and before that, perhaps reaching back to the time of Christ!) It is time to be led by faith, which is proven attestation to it becoming proven fact!

We found friends, co-journey-ers, weary travellers and even those who did not have our own interests at heart; we had to deal with the demons of our minds, which tugged us, lured us away from our direct calling to see the Incarnation of God!  We would also have met the maniacal leaders like the Herods of our time, playing friend, protector, leader, but in truth, a deadly enemy.

We were all trusting that lockdown would ease up, and we re-discovered different joy – a small parcel gift of hours which could be spent with family, and as we went to church, to nativity scenes, carols, baubles and lights –  and met our dear friends.

Now like the Magi, we find that lockdown has made our journey back ever-wearying, endless featureless and bleak, to be honest, just like the Magi, whose return home made them world-weary and cynical.

However, as much as we have to endure, remember and refresh ourselves, we too know that our lives will be changed forever, set in the memory of 2020 Covid.

Yet, dear friends, we have a lifetime of Christmas memories to cherish, a stable and co-operative community, the love and support of each other, so we shall become more and more positive and active in our love of Christ and in our reaching out to each other.

That is my prayer: will you join me? We give thanks for this and so much more, and yearn to re-unite as soon as the time is right.


Isaiah 60:1-6; Ephes. 3:1-12

Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14

Matthew 2: 1-12

Please see the attached invitation to join the new group in, ’JOIN THE CONVERSATION’.  It is on this TUESDAY, the 12th at 7pm till 8pm, on Zoom. Would you please email wassap or message or phone me to say whether you will be able to come or not.  It is a big step in faith and Zoom will connect our multi- denominational engagement.  The topic, HOW DOES GOD GUIDE US? is enticing, isn’t it? I really urge you to commit yourself to this.

Next Wednesday, the 20th, our weekly Zoom chats resume.  We will start on the project by reading the gospel of Mark, as in this Church Year B we will be studying this first gospel.  It is short and seminal: only 14 chapters, so it will only take a few weeks. All you need is your own favourite translation, and be willing to take a turn in reading! I will re-send the link next week.

Our bishop has asked me to formally notify you of the nation-wide closure of places of worship until our Advisory Committee gives us the go-ahead. Our thinking, closing after Christmas day, was right, and we as vestries will talk further as we receive guidance.

We are planning the New Year, and have some weeks before Lent starts on the 17th February.  Then the journey through Covid will surely ease as well.

I hope to be chatting to each of you on the phone soon.

God bless, stay at home safely, trustfully and courageously

Revd Katharine Ann Barrable M Ed., M Th.

Cell 07552503859

Grace and Peace be with you

Newsletter 3 Jan 2021

Beloved in Christ

Peace and Grace! May those qualities permeate our life, and comfort us this year! Perhaps, too, a sense of gratitude, thanking God for being our foundation and aspiration, for giving us meaning and purpose. May you fully grow in the likeness of Christ, being fed to be joyful, contented and active people in the kingdom.

Our church might be closed, but we are open, and now more than ever, WE are the church in the world, spreading that nurture and nature of Christ, from our little actions of kindness and consideration, to coming out of our shells to interact with others in new ways.

We have always been adaptable, the secret of our species, and now ever more so. How have you had to adapt?

The beginning of the year is one for reflection. As our neighbourhood dismantles their Christmas lights and decorations, and as we do too, we clear up and pack away.  What are you able to pack away, store and have access to in a year’s time? What have you outgrown in your thoughts, lifestyle, and spiritual journey?   Perhaps more importantly, what space have you made to accommodate the new, what have you polished up, what have you dusted down for use?  Some of what we have is functional, but some aesthetic, made to enhance our vision and view.  What can Christ use some of each for? What do you look forward to, what is your newness?  Jesus is growing, and so are we! In what ways?  How will we be presented in the temple of God?  Who are the strange visitors who are on the way to visiting us… what gifts do they bring YOU, as you are now in January 2021?


Sirach 24: 1-12: a beautiful passage to us, the ones chosen of God, and whose tent God inhabits, in this neck of the woods!

Eph. 1:3-14 (My favourite verses!) God has created YOU (AND EACH PERSON AROUND  YOU) to be born at this precise time, for God’s purposes in creation. What a gift to have this life, this moment in God, and to look at what we are doing with God’s gifts!

Psalm 147: 13-21

John 1: 1-18.  We have used this reading at least three times in the past month, and I’d recommend that you try reading it in different translations.  It will speak to you personally about Christ of eternity, past present and future!

Let’s allow our worship to be full of sacred curiosity, and let us give extra time to reading of the Word, and prayer.

In some ways, we can be overwhelmed by the excess of online resources, and all those others send us. We can get lost in pursuit of services, so many of which are livestreamed.  Our Diocese continues to record beautiful and inspiring ones on www. Episcopal church of Scotland, there at the touch of your finger! By the way the Church of Scotland in Tayport and Newport have services online too).  If I can help you to find these or any others you might be interested in, just let me know! Also, if you have sourced some interesting links, do share them!

Let us share our experience, and open up a little to each other – beyond the cursory, I’m fine!’  Let’s pick up the phone and speak to each other, as much for the other as for our own needs.  Thus we can carry on building community in new ways, and comfort one another!

Let us propose a toast to this year! Cheers!

Blessings in all you do.


07552 503 859

Revd Katharine Ann Barrable M Ed., M Th.

Grace and Peace be with you

2021 Good Wishes


Beloved in Christ. have no idea of the level of celebrations with which you are familiar in Tayport and Newport. I can however picture you safely in your homes, most of which I have visited, full of deep joy and expectation. Next year we will be up to resuming those traditions together!I do remember years of dancing and rushing to the callbox at midnight to phone parents and family, who had only stayed up to hear from me, otherwise would have been fast asleep. Thereafter it was firstfooting and crazy rituals of a very Scottish family into which I had married.  My side, the Davisons, were much more demure about  such boisterous celebrations!  That is, always, in the heatwave of South Africa!I am happy to be here with you, walking the streets, admiring the wondrous lights, with Dundee glittering behind the dark velvet Tay.  Have you seen the magnificence of the full moon tonight? I have never seen it haloed by a rainbow of colours. There are many surprises to anticipate, and I am excited about those too! Looking at a string of Christmas lights in the sitting room, I am reminded at the points of light that each of you shine in the dark. I pray that your connections to the Source, God, will keep that brightness, and string us together from tomorrow on, through a dazzling 2021!Let’s also pray for those who are not feeling so good, including the Tayport Beat family, who mourn Kay, who died on Christmas day. Also, please, pray for Revd Norman Allkins, my rector in South Africa, who has tested positive for Covid (I am increasingly frightened when this pandemic swirls close to me and mine, you and yours.) Let us be vigilant in our safety, steady in our faith, and prayerful for others.In the coming year we, together, will string more little lights together to shine brightly in our churches and communities and in whatever wonderful graces await us. I fully expect God to show us more wonder, brightness and dispelling of the darkness which so many of us have experienced this past year.Let us open the year with a positive prayerful and pleasant attitude.God bless.  Peace and GraceKathyKathy

Revd Katharine Ann Barrable M Ed., M Th.

Cell 07552503859

Grace and Peace be with you