Monday 3rd at St Margaret’s at 10.30am

Reading St John’s Gospel, taking turns to read from your own bible. Feel free to bring your own refreshments.

Tuesday 4th at St Mary’s. at 6pm

Tenebrae. Bring a torch and/or sit near the front as it will get dark!

Wednesday 5th at St Margaret’s at 10.30am

Handwashing: a cleansing rite. Followed by the Eucharist.

Thursday 6th at St Mary’s at 6pm.

Passover meal. Please add your name to the list at the back.

Friday 7th at St Margaret’s 12-2pm

Stations of the Cross

Friday 7th at Newport Parish church

Ecumenical Good Friday service

Saturday 8th St Mary’s at 6pm.

Service of the Light.  Bring a bell

Sunday 9th at St Mary’s 11am.

Easter Sunday Eucharist