Pentecost 9 2nd August 2020

(Sorry, I can’t upload the video. You can watch the relevant bit on from 20 seconds to 1 minute in to the video.)

Beloved in Christ

How was your week?  Take a moment to review it and note when you experienced that wonderful God-and-I are-one moment!  Most of us easily identify with that, specially when it is as lovely as Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week, when we can walk under glistening boughs in shafted sunlight, knowing that the growth this season is good. Nature, like us, is new every day!

I attach a hilarious clip: perhaps when we host many a wedding we will not be faced with this dilemma!

We have been exploring the Kingdom of heaven, on earth, as it is revealed this very day.  God our loving father invites us to participate in this kingdom of unconditional love, assuring us of his encouragement and support.  Jesus, the parable of God, the embodiment of his father, demonstrates through his experience and interaction, how to behave in loving God and others. The Holy Spirit intercedes and prays for us with groans and personal words, feeling as we do, the embrace of God.

Today, Sunday, reveals a revolutionary Jesus, who says, in so many words, go and feed the people yourselves.  He throws the ball back into our court! He makes that our responsibility and privilege.  We become his hands, his intentions.

However do we feed the 5000 with only two loaves and 5 fishes?

This is what we are exploring.  I say the same to you – I cannot, I am new, I am only here for a little time, so what do you want of me? Yes, I can and love leading you, but it is you who must go out, and return to share how it has been. This is the only way we can grow.  I can only grow through your growth. If not, I will remain a great tree on a lonely hillside, not as I should be, in a forest.

Allow me the sacred privilege of hearing you always: this is my prayer.  For my part, I promise to listen, taking as long as you like, to you. I promise to hold and support you.  I promise to pray for you, on the good and bad days.

Yet, it is together that we will explore our world, and come to a new place of fellowship!

I am really moved that so many of you are back at church, in the fold, and looking happy, smiling and being so supportive and responsive.  There’s a lightness in the air! Bless you!

On 16 August we will get together in St Mary’s to celebrate the Feast of St Mary. Last week I asked if you would let out vestry secretaries, Christine and Betty know how many of you with friends and family, will attend so we can keep track of numbers. I am hoping that we can return to the rectory for a cuppa afterwards, but will be guided by the Diocesan guidelines.

Please join us on Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. If you are new, I will send you the link – it is easy to join in and each session is self-contained. Presently we are talking about our favourite hymns and the personal background. Perhaps you would like to phone me or email me to tell me what yours is and we will share it.

Readings for Sunday

Isaiah 5 1 to 5.  Psalm 145: 5, 15 to 22.  Matthew 4: 13 to 20.  Romans 9; 1 to 5

All the richest blessings to you, child of God!
Kathy Barrable

07552 503 859