Pentecost 14 September 6th 2020

Beloved in Christ

We have journeyed through 13 weeks of the ‘green’ season of Pentecost.  It is a wonderful phase of learning, of studying scripture and seeing the radical new life Jesus offers us.  Green represents growth, and each of us have grown wiser and stronger in our faith, within the circle of loving ecclesia, the body of the church.  Whether you have been following us from home or within church, we hope you have felt included in our journey. 

Lockdown, even further back,from its inception on March 23rd brought on new, alarming and uncomfortable changes in our lives, which in turn have forced every one of us to re-evaluate and – appreciate simple goodness at home. 

On the 27th we will celebrate Harvest Festival, and this might be an outward and visible sign of an inner and invisible journey in which we now harvest the fruits of our personal season of growth. One of the loveliest memories of harvest is that it is gathered and shared with the needy in the community. I thank you for God too, for the harvest of memories of the many wonderful meetings in our homes, within those safe spaces, as we started both a new relationship and phase in our church history.

Jesus, this week, speaks of relationship, of loving and helping one another to the point of playing a vital role in a personal crisis, or around whatever makes one feel and outsider to the community: he shows ‘church’ as holding a people of extraordinary resilience, wisdom, compassion and in that sacred space, providing a safe space to for confidentiality and response to a personal cry for help.

I believe that is what our church is doing right now: providing human resources to assist others in whatever way is demanded, in the time of Covid crisis. We certainly have experienced changes to meet restrictions, but we hope that the worship and teaching has been nourishing and vitalising.  May we continue to mirror the wonderful qualities our Saviour offers us once again in this week’s readings.

We are urged to dialogue with God in thanksgiving, and with contrite hearts, yearning to be re-filled and re-aligned and re-guided into the light.  We are, Romans reminds us, people of light.

Let us seek it together, and help one another find it! We all enter dark patches, and depend on each other to lead us gently into brighter places. I am so grateful that we do have one another, and our bright spaces of worship, and that slowly, others are coming to join us.

If you are unable to get to church, and would like to receive communion and a chat at home, please let us know.

The online Sunday Eucharist is ongoing, and I am sure many of us are enjoying our bishops’ exposition of the Word, encouragement and sacred Joy. There is also a Thursday evening online Service of the Word, which is an inspiring and comforting mid-week service.

Here are the readings:

Ezekiel 33: 7 – 11

Psalm 119: 33 to 40

Romans 13: 8 to 14

Matthew 18: 15 to 20

With every blessing

Kathy Barrable

07552 503859