Advent 1 November 29th 2020

Beloved in Christ

Tomorrow, Sunday, we turn over the page into the new Christian calendar, so we should be wishing each other well, and celebrating! 

Our theme for the next week, and candle to be lit on Sunday is for ‘HOPE’ and my hope for you is that this Christian year might be a bright and glowing one, light within you that reaches out to others in new ways, and light which leads you to wonders and miracles.  All is possible, so let us make our petitions to God in that faith, and share the miracles that God brings to us as believers.


The readings are inspiring.  They give me a strong sense of awakening: from the longing and promise of the Messiah, the despair which prophets voice at our apathy and wrongs ways of thinking and living, we move to the gospel. “stay awake!’ be alert, be vigilant!  This means that

*    we should have finished our business, are up-to-date with our worldly affairs

*    empowering in our dealings with one another,

*    our thoughts are purified by prayerful reflection, that we are close to Christ in all our dealings and outcomes.

*    As much as that, as a group, we should be ‘in this world, but not of this woerld’: spiritually fed, nurtured, and even armoured.  There is just so much in the world, in gossip, speculations, others’ views and opintions, which is against Christ’s teachings of courageous hopefulness.

I hope that we can explore more of the ways of our Lord, and be conscious of him entering our thoughts words and deeds.

Once again I’m attaching the Christmas programme for you to keep

Our Zoom meeting on Wednesday was most inspiring and enlightening: Iain Flett read and discussed letters which Mary Slessor had written, revealing her astounding and brave ministry, and living out of the Gospel in Nigeria. This week, we will have an in-group discussion, then the following week, Dr Amos Chewachong will join us.

Readings for the day are:

Isaiah 64: 1-9

Psalm 80: 7, 16-18

1 Corinthians1: 3-9

Mark 13: 24 – 37


Stir up your power, Lord, and come;

That, with you as our protector,

We may be rescued from our sins; and with you as our deliverer,

We may be set free;

For you live and reign with God the Father,

In the unity of the Holy Spirit

One God, world without end


The season of Advent is one of contradictions.  We begin a new church year, as our calendars are on their last page.  We talk of waiting for Jesus, even as God is ever-present.  It is a season of penitence while many find joy in the season’s traditions and celebrations.  We will be considering these issues at church, and perhaps we could all take these questions into our prayers this week: what contrasts do you find, and what do you make of them? Look at your own life through the readings of the day.

More than anything let’s picture ourselves being moulded by the hand of our creator, moulded anew, moulded and shaped into new vessels.  Your prayers co-create your next step, and future, with Christ.

As Paul says again to the Corinthians: Grace and peace be to you, through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

In the name of Christ, Amen!

Kathy Barrable

07552 503 859