First Sunday in Lent February 21st 2021

Beloved in Christ

It has been a wonderful beginning to the Lenten season.  I think we are all feeling cheered at the statistics of the drop in CoronaVirus cases, the excellent progress of the Jab.  As well as that, the rain has cleared off the snow so our slipping around was minimised, and the days are longer and the weather milder.

For our communities, you supported the Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday services well, thank you and bless you.

All is in place now for Lent, so my emails will be news items of importance for a while, until we prepare for Palm Sunday and Holy week, and Easter! I trust that we will have more news on the horizon regarding lockdown and worship in churches in the mean time.

1.    You will have each received ‘LiveLent’ booklets, and we hope you enjoy the daily reflections

2.    On Sundays we are joining the Tayport and churches and St Mary’s in a pre-recorded, online worship service. It is a wonderful ecumenical initiative, and I for one, am very proud to witness the fruits of our planning and dreams! The readings are from the Lectionary, so you will be able to follow once you have joined us, or source them on the Scottish Episcopal Church website. (If this is difficult for you, let us know and I’ll send them to you).  This week it is hosted largely by St Margaret’s, but each week will follow more or less the same order of service, to embrace all of our traditions. The link will be the same throughout Lent, and it is:

3.    Tuesday evening Zoom meetings, for our various communities, continue to meet on the same link we have been using, at 7pm, the link being

4.    Wednesday evenings at 8pm on Zoom continue to meet on the sae link as before, the link being, as before

God bless, stay in touch and remain safe!

Kathy Barrable

07552 503859