Pentecost 19 October 11th 2020

Beloved in Christ

As this is typed, I have just come out of a 2-hour Zoom meeting with 32 others, entitled, ‘Our Digital church’. It’s one of those times when I sit looking at a massive mountain, comprised of technology available and accessible, to share information and be invitational to the world! I know we have to get to the top, or at least, start the climb. How, is the issue? I am well aware that you are each working very hard for, and loving church, and that moving into the future will require yet more effort and time. Let’s start another leg of the journey by faith and foot!

When last did you look at our church website? Could you, and give us your views as to how useful they are, what you’d suggest could be updated or changed, and what you like most? \in what way could you help us to get it user-friendly and accessible?

Psalm 23, (in this Sunday’s readings) is pertinent: it shows us how to put each foot into the next spot, no matter how tough the terrain.  When I have had to climb a mountain, metaphorically, that is, to move into a new space or place, I take heed of the psalmist’s testimony and direction.  In lyrical terms, David walks us through his own spiritual, physical reflection and journey, and in so doing, invites us to pick up our burden, and follow God. We do not know the final destination, apart from the assurance that it will give us peace and ‘I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever!

Psalm 23 calms the soul. It is beautiful to anticipate a service when the hymns undergird the themes of God’s provision and protection, giving us assurance.   Covid and sustained lockdown is today’s valley of the shadow of death.  The psalmist urges us to put our trust in God, as the need for a journey is upon us, as is the acceptance that we lie by the roadside desiring attention, help, knowing that the good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25 to 37) will notice and care for us, rescue us, and take us to a safe space for healing. We are supported along the way, to return to a season of fresh and new green pastures.


Isaiah 25: 1 – 9; Psalm 23; Philippians 4: 1-9; Matthew 22; 1 -14


All my hope on God is founded


The God of love my shepherd is

Tell out my soul

Immortal, invisible, God only wise

We have been pondering how to make up for our after-Sunday service chat over a cup of coffee, and here is our idea!  It is a cuppa, at a safe venue, at your own table with your friend, during the week, in our home town…….


We can meet at tables within the rule of 6 maximum (no more than 2 households).  Why not bring a friend, not necessarily from church, or even our congregation! We can greet each other, and share space in togetherness!

We plan to do this on a rolling weekly basis!

Thursday afternoon from 1pm at the Larick centre, Tayport


Friday afternoon from 1pm, at Manna Coffee shop, Newport on Tay

I will be there, with a friend, to host you.  No pre-booking is allowed, so let us hope that we can all fit in.  You will pay for whatever you would like to order.

Feel free to email if you will be coming – it will not be taken as a booking, but good to know if you can come!

Really look forward to seeing you there next week!


Scottish interfaith week is from the 8 to 15 November, and we hope to gather our faith communities together, sharing and talking. We are planning an ecumenical Alpha on Zoom course!

Thus far, the Church of Scotland, in Newport, with Minister Dr Amos Chewatong, and in Tayport, MoragAnne Elder-Flett are delighted to bless this and give it full support. There are a few others who have offered to help and support too.

We are praying that each congregation will participate fully.

More details will follow but please pray into this and give us your support as well. We are planning for a weekly Zoom video at 7 to 8 on a Tuesday evening.  If you would like to sip coffee or have your meal during the half-hour video, do relax into that!

We suggest that we start in mid-November, carry through till mid-December and resume mid-January

Lots on the go together!


Kathy Barrable

07552 503859