Pentecost 20 October 18th 2020

Greetings dear brothers and sisters in Christ

It is already 20 weeks since Pentecost was celebrated – the Holy Spirit has been working and infusing each of us with great and small matters, not least of which has been ‘getting on’ with lockdown.  We have been masters of adaptability, our conversations have become more significant, and we are changing and no doubt being equipped to deal with what is to come!

One thing is a definite – information technology is to the fore, and most of us are learning new ways of communicating and maintaining contact with each other and with our varied interest groups.  This week my internet connection has been intermittent, and that has caused frustration(hence the earliness of this communication to you).  I long for the days when I can plan a day of certain certainties, yet I think they might never come under my control!

However the past week has allowed us to flesh out our activities till year-end, and include the great festivals and days to come!

I would like to share the November calendar with you, and then the December one in a couple of weeks’ time

November 1    All Saints and All Souls (lists for the faithful departed will be out at church on Sunday)

November 8     Remembrance Sunday (wear your poppies!) (We hope that our ecumenical walk to the monuments will take place but that is in other hands right now)

November 15   St Margaret of Scotland Feast day in Tayport at 9.30. Let us make a joyful gathering together!

November 22   Christ the King. It will be a wondrous time to lok at the risen and ascended ever present Christ!  

November 29   Advent 1. We mark a change in church season and begin the pilgrimage to Bethlehem. 

This week’s readings are Isaiah 45: 1 to 7; Psalm 96: 1-9; 1 Thessalonians1: 1 to 10; Matthew 22: 34 to 46

We continue with the focus of Jesus’ teachings and integrate this with the second part of Deutero-Isaiah, and look at how Thessalonikan Christians are building their church through loving one another. All this is presented to us for our reflection on how we are in today’s context.

This past week has been fun and a few of us have greeted in the Larick Centre coffee shop on Thursday at 1; and at Manna coffee shop on Friday at 1.  We look forward to seeing you and a friend from a second household there next week!  Thank you for letting me know how you are doing and if you are coming for coffee.

Alpha plans and preparations are progressing and more news of that as time goes by.

Let us pray for our sister churches as they connect in Christ.

God bless you in special ways, so that we feel gratitude for all that is happening in and around us.

Grace and peace

Kathy Barrable 

07552 503859