Pentecost 21 October 25th 2020

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I trust the week has been good and full of your gratitude for all God gives us!

For me, it has been one fill of tedious administration and consideration, but perhaps that’s what God needed to get order and understanding into my life and its affairs. In the pockets of sunshine, rain and mistiness, I have enjoyed the bright shiny browns and yellows underfoot, and the emerging shapes of glorious dark tree trunks and branches stretching up to heaven. I guess a number of you have had ‘flu jabs’ so there is a healthy winter to look forward to.

We continue to meet at the Larick Centre on Thursdays, and Manna on Fridays, at 1pm.  DO continue to join us there at your own table, with family, or a friend, keeping to the 2 households per table only. I appreciate that those of you who are shielding will not be joining anyone in a public space! Know that we speak of you and hold you in prayer.

Zoom on Wednesday was stimulating and enjoyable and I believe, extending our spirituality as we share views.  We looked at ‘Praying with Images’ which ex-nun Meinrad Craighead used in her paintings of animals and their God-given spirits. DO look her up on youtube if you would like to.

Bishop Ian will visit both our churches on Sunday 6 December, and we are really quite excited to host him in our lovely church settings

Both churches have their monthly newsletters out so you can plan your November calendar.

Have you had a look at the church website yet? Please let us have your feedback as to ways of improving it, or tell us what you like about it!

Next Sunday is  All Saints/ All Souls Sunday, and if you would like to add loved ones’ years’ mind, the lists are in church on Sunday, or let us have them by e-mail please.

Being the last Sunday of the month, the monthly newsletter will be in church, for collection!

Readings for this Sunday are

Leviticus 19: 1-2, 15-18

Psalm 1

1 Thessalonians2: 18

Matthew 22: 34 – 46

I will use the analogy of the three legs of the ‘pot’ or cauldron on which our faith rests: Scripture, Reason and Tradition.  We have was long history of development in the Episcopal church, as well as many which should be re-visited and questioned. What makes us so distinctive as ‘Piscies’? What distinguishes us from other faith walks and what personal adjustments should we make. I added a fourth leg: EXPERIENCE.  Are we a people of prayer and deepest joy and contentment?  Do we really know and trust that God IS in charge of our lives and wants us to be the best we possibly can be? Take courage and rest assured!

The Alpha course will be deferred till mid- January for two reasons: we have a busy and exciting couple of months till Christmas, and secondly, as we need to do more planning and marketing, but if you are ready to say you will join us please let me know now!

Enjoy the extra hour before dawn and earlier dusk! Be cosy and safe and full of cheer!  All is well!

Grace and peace

Kathy Barrable

07552 503 859