Advent 3 December 13th 2020

e-newsletter 13 December Advent 3

I greet you, using appropriate words of our Christmas hymn, ‘in the bleak midwinter’ (based on a poem by Christina Rossetti – well worth a reflection)! Our inner light is brighter and growing steadily, visibly now. Along the way we will no doubt have a couple of startling sunshiny crisp days to balance the scales of drear and bright! In the locking down of so many of our activities, we might echo the hymn in our lives, yet we know that we will get through this outer journey by following the star, and that the inner light of Christ is waxing and is in view!


To cheer and inspire you, here is a link to Gordon Stewart’s Christmas Concert:

Organ Concert – Six – YouTubeSupport our Digital Programme: is no ticket income for our digital broadcasts, because our beautiful Town Hall is empty. Please c…

As we prepare for the cheer at the 2020 Christmas we are able to have, let us prepare too for the birth of our Saviour, Jesus.  It is fun to plan and purchase from our own inner store, ONE gift to him.  What would you give him of yourself?  What would appeal to him this particular Christmas? (I have turned outward in my intention.  Last night I swept the steps of St Mary’s, clearing all the cigarette stumps accumulated.  I found myself asking God why I felt compelled to do this – and the answer was… pray for the people who stood here, pray for their circumstance, pray that here, so close to the entrance of St Mary’s that they too might feel the welcome of the Christ, and perhaps be drawn into his circle of light in some way.  I pledge to continue to do this as an outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible grace).  We can pray for people we know who are in dis-ease – even if the circumstances are beyond us, the person has already passed away, a stranger, a foreigner, an attitudinal enemy, a circumstance, a source of hurt, a miscarriage of justice. Today, every day, Christ gives a transcendent view of our journey and ways of making a difference in the Kingdom of heaven on earth.

I urge you to plan for your spiritual journey in our communion, and watch some of the ongoing services of the Scottish Episcopal church, on YouTube on Thursday evenings in the Service of the Word, and the Sunday Eucharist.

Last week I promised that I would ask Bishop Ian to give us a copy of his sermon, and here it is. It was a highlight to host him, and he is very happy with our churches and delighted to see our people.  He also did a mini live installation of me as priest in charge, so there is a photo to share with you too!

On the subject of growing church and mission, Revd Dr Amos Chewachong was a most welcome guest on Zoom: he stirred up enquiry and challenged us on church today, our future and on mission in 2021. We hope that we might continue to draw closer to our cousins in the Church of Scotland. Our dear friends in Tayport United Free Church, the Catholic church and the Church of Scotland might not be able to meet us face to face, but we hold them in prayers and wish to create every opportunity for dialogue and friendship.  Jesus didn’t know ‘church’ or ‘denomination’: in our small towns, staying open to share within community is vital, healthy co-dependency!

I am intrigued to reflect on two people who have joined our group – people who might never even meet face to face. Both came from an internet connection and enquiry.  Christ is in every soul, and in wondrous ways, we are a global community, and virtual space and social media give us opportunities for mission. Perhaps you could share this e-letter with at least one other person?

Next week we look forward to having Revd Jim Thompson to preach to us – it is a treat to host him at one of his many homes once again.

On Sunday we have the Christmas Carol service – only 5 lessons which span the history of our people, interspersed with beautiful carols.  If you can’t be with us, do read and listen to sacred music, and – pray all the time! By the way, you can download any version or translation of the Bible , free.  It is a great way of getting refreshment!

Readings for Sunday are:

Carol   1                      Hark the herald angels sing

First Reading              Isaiah 9:2b, 6, 7

Carol 2                         O little town of Bethlehem

Second Reading         Luke 1:26-38

Carol 3                         Away in a manager

Third Reading            Luke 2:1-7

Carol 4                         While shepherds watched

Fourth Reading         Luke 2:8-16

Carol 5                                    The First Nowell

Fifth Reading              Matthew 2:1-11

Carol 6                                    Joy to the world!

God bless you and keep you safe, hope-filled and joyful!

Kathy  Barrable 

07552 503 859