Advent 4 PEACE December 20th 2020

An unusual opening from me to you: today has been full of grandchildren’s activities and the laughter one only experiences when the world is viewed through a little person’s eyes. How envious I am of their utter trust and innocence in thought, word and deed is! And how much we need to remember that Jesus must have enjoyed the antidote of children, in the midst of his issue-filled adult company! It’s with an innocence that I plan to experience whatever I can this Christmas. I wish to look at the Christ child in wonder and awe as I do look at a baby.  I want to renew my own baptismal vows, and my confirmation vows, and my priestly vows, as I trustfully take on what the future holds. I also hope to look at each of you with wonder as my spiritual family members, each with distinctive personalities and callings. Bless you all!  It is only 8 days to witness that birth, again, and be offered a new way of loving the child Christ. Beloved in Christ

We had two quiet and meaningful Blue Christmas services, and we thought deeply of each of you as we hung our ‘blue’ messages on the tree.  If you are with us tomorrow you could do the same – write a message to God, from you and as you feel right now.

This Sunday we look forward to sharing the Word with Revd Jim Thompson, lighting the pink candle (known as the Angel’s candle as it symbolises the annunciation of Christ’s birth).   

Readings for the day are:

2 Samuel 7; 1-11, 16

Psalm 891-4, 19-26

Romans 16: 25-27

Luke 1: 26-38

If you are watching on YouTube, tomorrow is a special contribution of the lay readers of the Diocese: we look forward to seeing you, Margaret Gray! The link from the Diocese is:

Do remember that next week, the Midnight mass is at 11pm on Christmas Eve, at St Margaret’s; Christmas Day service at 11am is in St Mary’s.

I will be sending you a Christmas message, and it is a short week till then.

With every blessing. Be of good cheer, pray all the time, and may the Christ child birth joy in you

Kathy Barrable

07552 503 859–
Revd Katharine Ann Barrable M Ed., M Th.Cell 07552503859

Grace and Peace be with you