2021 Good Wishes


Beloved in Christ. have no idea of the level of celebrations with which you are familiar in Tayport and Newport. I can however picture you safely in your homes, most of which I have visited, full of deep joy and expectation. Next year we will be up to resuming those traditions together!I do remember years of dancing and rushing to the callbox at midnight to phone parents and family, who had only stayed up to hear from me, otherwise would have been fast asleep. Thereafter it was firstfooting and crazy rituals of a very Scottish family into which I had married.  My side, the Davisons, were much more demure about  such boisterous celebrations!  That is, always, in the heatwave of South Africa!I am happy to be here with you, walking the streets, admiring the wondrous lights, with Dundee glittering behind the dark velvet Tay.  Have you seen the magnificence of the full moon tonight? I have never seen it haloed by a rainbow of colours. There are many surprises to anticipate, and I am excited about those too! Looking at a string of Christmas lights in the sitting room, I am reminded at the points of light that each of you shine in the dark. I pray that your connections to the Source, God, will keep that brightness, and string us together from tomorrow on, through a dazzling 2021!Let’s also pray for those who are not feeling so good, including the Tayport Beat family, who mourn Kay, who died on Christmas day. Also, please, pray for Revd Norman Allkins, my rector in South Africa, who has tested positive for Covid (I am increasingly frightened when this pandemic swirls close to me and mine, you and yours.) Let us be vigilant in our safety, steady in our faith, and prayerful for others.In the coming year we, together, will string more little lights together to shine brightly in our churches and communities and in whatever wonderful graces await us. I fully expect God to show us more wonder, brightness and dispelling of the darkness which so many of us have experienced this past year.Let us open the year with a positive prayerful and pleasant attitude.God bless.  Peace and GraceKathyKathy

Revd Katharine Ann Barrable M Ed., M Th.

Cell 07552503859

Grace and Peace be with you