Newsletter 3 Jan 2021

Beloved in Christ

Peace and Grace! May those qualities permeate our life, and comfort us this year! Perhaps, too, a sense of gratitude, thanking God for being our foundation and aspiration, for giving us meaning and purpose. May you fully grow in the likeness of Christ, being fed to be joyful, contented and active people in the kingdom.

Our church might be closed, but we are open, and now more than ever, WE are the church in the world, spreading that nurture and nature of Christ, from our little actions of kindness and consideration, to coming out of our shells to interact with others in new ways.

We have always been adaptable, the secret of our species, and now ever more so. How have you had to adapt?

The beginning of the year is one for reflection. As our neighbourhood dismantles their Christmas lights and decorations, and as we do too, we clear up and pack away.  What are you able to pack away, store and have access to in a year’s time? What have you outgrown in your thoughts, lifestyle, and spiritual journey?   Perhaps more importantly, what space have you made to accommodate the new, what have you polished up, what have you dusted down for use?  Some of what we have is functional, but some aesthetic, made to enhance our vision and view.  What can Christ use some of each for? What do you look forward to, what is your newness?  Jesus is growing, and so are we! In what ways?  How will we be presented in the temple of God?  Who are the strange visitors who are on the way to visiting us… what gifts do they bring YOU, as you are now in January 2021?


Sirach 24: 1-12: a beautiful passage to us, the ones chosen of God, and whose tent God inhabits, in this neck of the woods!

Eph. 1:3-14 (My favourite verses!) God has created YOU (AND EACH PERSON AROUND  YOU) to be born at this precise time, for God’s purposes in creation. What a gift to have this life, this moment in God, and to look at what we are doing with God’s gifts!

Psalm 147: 13-21

John 1: 1-18.  We have used this reading at least three times in the past month, and I’d recommend that you try reading it in different translations.  It will speak to you personally about Christ of eternity, past present and future!

Let’s allow our worship to be full of sacred curiosity, and let us give extra time to reading of the Word, and prayer.

In some ways, we can be overwhelmed by the excess of online resources, and all those others send us. We can get lost in pursuit of services, so many of which are livestreamed.  Our Diocese continues to record beautiful and inspiring ones on www. Episcopal church of Scotland, there at the touch of your finger! By the way the Church of Scotland in Tayport and Newport have services online too).  If I can help you to find these or any others you might be interested in, just let me know! Also, if you have sourced some interesting links, do share them!

Let us share our experience, and open up a little to each other – beyond the cursory, I’m fine!’  Let’s pick up the phone and speak to each other, as much for the other as for our own needs.  Thus we can carry on building community in new ways, and comfort one another!

Let us propose a toast to this year! Cheers!

Blessings in all you do.


07552 503 859

Revd Katharine Ann Barrable M Ed., M Th.

Grace and Peace be with you