Lent 3 March 7th 2021

Beloved in Christ

I pray you have had a Sabbath today – set aside for the Lord, to give thanks, worship, listen and now are guided as to how to act it out this week.  I pray too that you are finding interest in your spiritual life this Lent, and that it is different for you, not only because of |Covid and lockdown, but because you are growing in different ways.

On a Diocesan level I, with Margaret Gray and Ann Bridges spent yesterday at Synod: very different from last year! Throughout this year we have developed and sustained initiatives and built camaraderie.

Some highlights are:

*    Climate change considerations – our individual duty is to be aware and proactive in becoming carbon-free by 2030! We start in our own homes and in the church building.

*    Pilgrimages – across the land and in our Diocesan area, there are lovely ancient footpaths to follow: hopefully we can journey together and variously on some!

*    Suggested options on how to elect a Bishop.  Shortly our vestries will be grappling with this.

*    And, for when we have some youth, the network of young people is alive and well in the Diocese

I must say that Bishop Ian is a superb, empowering and insightful leader, and one who has the love of you and our congregations at heart.  We have a great and efficient team to help and support us

I am sure some of you watched the Ecumenical service this morning.  Mike Baxter did the readings. If you would like a catch up, here is the link for every Sunday.

Tuesday evening Zoom chats continue – here is the link:

Time: Mar 2, 2021 07:00 PM London

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The Wednesday evening Zoom meeting has the same link.  It is


And just for a treat. ‘Pray as you go’ A prayerful 13 minutes of reflection on a bible reading.  If you like it you can download the app and watch daily. I love it! Today’s theme: ‘Where has God been this week?’ https://pray-as-you-go.org/p/o/3119

God bless you in unexpected ways this week. 

Kathy Barrable

07552 503 850