Lent 4 March 14th 2021

May you be blessed as your mum blessed and continues to bless you.   

May Mary be blessed for birthing our Saviour! 

Mothering Sunday | Pagan Calendar

Let’s spend today reflecting on our mums, those who gave us the gift of life and the way I which we too gift others life. 

The ecumenical online service can be viewed on Youtube from 11am, and I will be preaching.  

It has been a great privilege to share our Christian journey with our new friends in Christ.  I pray that our friendship may deepen and blossom into the future. St Margaret’s has always had a deep ecumenical link and I remember sharing one beautiful Easter feast with them three years ago! 

Our weekly Zoom discussions continue this week and we will take a break of 2 weeks thereafter. Tuesday evening Zoom chats continue – here is the link. 

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The Wednesday evening Zoom meeting link is 


NEXT WEEK, praise God, we should be holding Palm Sunday service in our churches.  It is tentative yet we are in planning mode and I’ll be sending you updates as we receive them.  It is an exciting prospect, but please do what you find comfortable. If you would prefer to wait, that is fine: it is a personal decision, and many congregations and individuals will choose not to attend a live service.  

We plan to take a few minutes of your time afterwards please. As I mentioned last week, we would seek your input on election of a Bishop, by the Electoral Synod, or by an Electoral Council. Thereafter we can let the Diocese know our view.  

Our Holy Week programme is in a planning stage and we will let you know when we have permission.  

God bless, enjoy the glorious spring and feeling that blossoming is within us and in our glorious country! 

If you are out walking, do go to Tay Road Bridge. There is a smiley face of crocuses in the grass embankment.  I think it is beautiful! I also pray for whoever thought to do this, and give us all such joy! 

Purple Flower

Blessings and peace! 
Kathy Barrable 

07552 503 859