Lent 5 March 21st 2021

Beloved in Christ

Yesterday morning we finalised all the wonderful services for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Sunday services.  We have a programme which will keep you very active spiritually in our churches, and in our local community.

I remember this time last year very clearly, never dreaming that we would only meet up so fleetingly. It will be very moving, special and holy to meet again on Sunday, and the symbolism of moving towards Jerusalem together will be traditional yet with a new poignancy this year.

I attach a list of the services, at both churches, so that you can attend one or the other to have a full spectrum. Perhaps we might have been able to hold all services in our own churches, but we have to take into account that the churches need to be cleaned and sanitised between every service. We ask visitors to book their place with Betty or Christine.

This year we have a different set of services on offer in our Ecumenical community, and I attach those activities and services as well, for your planning. I must say that our interdenominational friendship has deepened and blossomed in the Wednesday Zoom meeting, and that is a source of delight. Do keep fellow Christians in our prayers. You will notice that St Margaret’s will have a special outdoor display on the theme of Stations of the Cross, so that anyone can come in and reflect at any time. St Margaret’s garden has had a pruning and we are very grateful to Ronnie Redpath for that.

Zoom meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are on hold for the upcoming two weeks whilst we are immersed in the passion and Resurrection of Jesus the Christ, our Lord!

It is wondrous to experience the burst and speed of life opening up, in the northern hemisphere springtime, and equally wonderful to see the way in which so many people are marvelling at and revelling in its beauty. We are indeed very blessed!

Should you have missed the Sunday online local community service, you can find it on you tube on https://youtu.be/1GxbDd9LYxY

2021 March 21st Tayport onlineJoin MoragAnne Elder (Church of Scotland reader) and Martin Cunningham for a short online worship service including music and readings from the Tayport churc…youtu.be

Should you have any queries, needs or thoughts, please share them.

Meantime, God bless and see you on Palm Sunday, if you are comfortable coming to church.  Otherwise, we will visit you!

God bless in all you do

Kathy Barrable