Easter 2021

I have been thinking of each of you as I pray for you.

We have had a wondrous Palm Sunday, Stations of the Cross, and Maundy Thursday service. Travelling a short length of the Tay in Spring and Neap tide has been in keeping with the ebb and flow of my spiritual energy.  This year IS different! Compared with my only experience of last year in Scotland, when we were in lockdown believing it would be over, that it was one of those temporary inconveniences, and bolstered by innocent cheer: now to this year, when everything is more precious than ever (partly because winter was pretty extreme, and spring is slow and chill in coming!) There is a brightness to our spirit, a heartening warmth, and a glow of anticipation at worship and family togetherness is real. Let us step forward with care and respect.

Our Easter joy is not with us yet, as the next three days are the Triduum, the passion of Christ. In its own way this brief journey is wondrous, and we move from the Lord’s amazing gesture of washing our feet, the lowliest of all tasks, for him to demonstrate how we should love one another in practical menial ways, as he did.

I would like to attach the Maundy Thursday sermon, as a base for your reflection, and leading you towards the dramatic stripping of the altar, leaving the church bare. I also include the Good Friday reflections: I think you will find them exquisite. Should you wish too, to pray through the very contextual Stations of the Cross in the pandemic, please ask Margaret Gray for those (margarettayport@aol.com): thank you Margaret for your magnificent display of the stations outside the church. 

We hope to see you on Sunday, but if you are not there, I will visit or call. 
Do keep in touch, and make a phone call to someone in church: I received a beautiful Easter card, and it was much appreciated and marks a first in Scotland.

Bless each of you.  Special prayers of joy when you can say ‘Alleluia, Christ is risen!” may you too feel raised from dormancy and the death of the pandemic. It is an Easter with a difference. Feel his strength and hear Him call you by name.

Blessings and joy

Kathy Barrable 07752 503 859