Newsletter 2 May 2021

Beloved in Christ. Trust you have had  a good week: I hear most of us have had a second jab, and so our spirits are high as we await the weather to reflect some higher tempreratures now that May is here, bringing its ‘darling buds’.
A quick note to give you some links,  and our support of the Diocesan initiative on climate change.

1. For ease, here are the links again

Tuesday evening at 7pm:bible.

 Wednesday evening at 8pm 

If you are able, join Margaret Gray for a meditation session/ non-communion service on Wednesdays at 10.30am at St Margaret’s

2. CLIMATE CHANGE The attachment  is taken from the Ad Clerum, for your information and we have returned the questionnaire to show our willingness to be aware of the critical nature of climate change. : ‘At General Synod 2020 a resolution on climate change was approved which has set us on a course to have net zero emissions by 2030.This is a big task but one that can be achieved if it is taken in small steps to reach the target.To begin our journey on this road a Climate Group has been created to set the route and to assist us all to take those first steps.  This group will report to Bishop Ian and the Standing Committee’.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow and, if you would like, to sharing a cup of coffee together afterwards!

God bless you