Newsletter 17 May 2021

Beloved in Christ

May the Joy of the living Christ be with you! One cannot but be joy-filled as the weather is allowing the lightness and brightness of early summer to dazzle us! It is also a joy to see how people are being together and share public space.

Do join us on Zoom (three times this week!) and perhaps at the Pentecost service/s on Sunday. On Sunday evening there is an ecumenical service at Tayport Church of Scotland at 6pm.  There is much to enjoy and share!


Tuesday evening link is as follows

So some background reading would be the end of Luke 24 and Acts 1.

Wednesday at 8pm:

Thursday, 20th May at  7:OOpm: Climate change

‘How can the SDEC deliver on its pledge to be net carbon zero by 2030?’

The Speaker is Professor A. Werrity FRSE, FRSGS, FBSG. Alan is an Emeritus Professor of Physical Geography who convenes the Eco-congregation Group at Saint Andrews and is also a member of the diocesan Climate Group.

All very stimulating isn’t it!

Look forward to meeting in person as well and enjoying a cuppa tea or coffee after the services

Revd Kathy Barrable 0752 503 859