Newsletter 6 June 2021

Brothers and sisters in Christ

It really feels like summer doesn’t it! It felt like that this morning and it has stayed like that all day! It is wonderful to see the brilliance of the leaves darkening to deeper greens, and witness, and feel within ourselves, the quickening of nature in this growth season.

It has also been wonderful to be back worshipping together, and slowly being allowed to open up to sharing a cup of coffee after the service and tomorrow, to sing. What a discipline it has been not to be able to ‘live in to ‘O Lord, open our lips, that we might proclaim your praise!’ This is always said in Morning Prayer, and now we can all share it tomorrow.  Here is an excerpt from the Diocesan Advisory committee: ‘congregational singing, subject to the wearing of face masks and social distancing, has been permitted in levels 0 and 1 from 31 May’. Newport and Tayport, ‘have moved to Level 1 at 00:01 on Saturday 5 June’.

There is a new evening service beginning tomorrow evening at the Parish Church, Tayport, at 6.306.30pm, and last about 30 minutes. It will be a quiet service, with some singing of Taize chants (short worship songs), prayers and candles.  It is our intention to hold these evening services monthly, at least, and use each of the local Tayport churches in turn.

Thank you for your donations to the local food bank, to which our churches donate your food items. They gratefully received, so do continue to bring your little bag to church!

Look forward to seeing you at the weekly Zoom meetings.  Here is the link we used for last week’s session on ‘Prayer, Session 3’. We thought it was excellent.  Zoom links stay the same as before

Tuesday at 7pm

Wednesday Wednesday 8pm

Should you like to watch the half hour of video we watched last week, here is the link. We found this one based on the acronym, P R A Y very helpful. Adoration | The Prayer Course – The Prayer Course

God bless in all you do.

Revd Kathy Barrable

07552 503859